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June 2024

Ordinary Residence

In June 2024, Section 3, Situations when a person will be receiving Care and Support under the Care Act in one Local Authority but be ordinary resident in another was updated to clarify that Extra Care Housing is specified accommodation.

May 2024

Safeguarding Adult Boards

In May 2024, this chapter has been refreshed following a legal review.

The Response to a Concern about Abuse or Neglect

When Safeguarding Duties Apply

Protecting Property of Adults being Cared for Away from Home

Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect

Aims and Principles of all Adult Safeguarding

Carrying out a Transition Assessment

Understanding what Transition is

Transition Planning and Review

Legal Requirements of a Young Carer's Assessment

Legal Requirements of a Child's Needs Assessment

Legal Requirements of a Child's Carer's Assessment

Assessment of Financial Resources

In May 2024, a scope box was added to this chapter to remind users that the information it contains reflects the Care Act and not local policy, particularly in relation to the charging of carers and other circumstances where the local authority has discretion. Following recent Ombudsman decisions, need to know boxes were also added to Section 6, Financial Assessment of People in a Care Home and Section 7, Financial Assessment of People Living in the Community or Other Setting.

March 2024

The National Eligibility Criteria

In March 2024, Section 1, What is the National Eligibility Criteria was updated to include information from the Care and Support statutory guidance about establishing whether the person's needs arise from a physical or mental impairment or illness.  

Duties and Powers to meet Carer's Support Needs

This chapter has been refreshed following a legal review in March 2024.

Duties and Powers to meet Care and Support Needs

The Care and Support Plan

The Support Plan

The Personal Budget

Carrying out the Review

Revisions to a Care and Support or Support Plan

The Duty to Review

Direct Payments

How Needs Can Be Met

February 2024

The Duty to Provide an Independent Advocate

This chapter was refreshed following a legal review.

Carrying Out an Assessment

The National Eligibility Criteria

Legal Requirements of a Carers Assessment

Legal Requirements of a Needs Assessment

The Purpose of Assessment

Identifying and Reporting Abuse and Neglect

A link to the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) webpage 'types and indicators of abuse' was added as additional information and guidance.

January 2024

Assessment of Financial Resources

A legal review of this chapter was carried out. Following the review, all sections were refreshed.

Commissioning Responsibilities under the Care Act

Deprivation of Assets and Enforcement of Debts

Deferred Payment Agreements and Alternative Financial Arrangements

Power of the Local Authority to Charge

Choice of Accommodation and Topping Up

This new chapter was added. Information was previously located in the 'Assessment of Financial Resources' chapter.